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What I find so disturbing in the whole situation relating to the Grupo Mayan is that they have been there for so many years deceiving the unsuspecting visitor to the country and the local authorities are closing a blind eye to it because it is a money spinner in the country, i.e. timeshare. No one ever mentions the word from beginning to end of the long drawn out labyrinth of "fishing out" the victims at the airport on arrival. The "cheap trip" to Chichinitsa was just a cover for the "timeshare scam" that is operated from the Mayan Palace. It is to make a person think that they are local travel agents. When they speak of a luxurious five star hotel that they want to promote, again the tourist thinks of just another hotel. And if you are gullible enough to accept the ride to it, you find yourself in the middle of the hustle and bustle of an ongoing "timeshare empire". Yet the word is never used once in all that time! And finally you are obliged to sit through a barrage of words, many of which mean nothing to you anyway, as it is a foreign timeshare jargon all of its own. You remain in that mist, and will not be out of it for many hours yet, especially if you have taken part in the "five star free breakfast!" that is on offer. No wonder trained policemen never eat or drink on duty. To have done this in a strange place to which you have only just arrived was actually taking a huge risk. My companion and I knew nothing about these people. We did not know them from Adam. Yet we accepted the breakfast which was a rich buffet style service, only the tea and coffee were to be served "separately" by a uniformed waitress bearing the pots of hot beverage on a silver platter. What a monstrosity of a ***!!! And who could ever have imagined that the coffee could be spiked and contain something like the "Date Rape Drug", which in small quantities makes a person just very carefree and in larger dosages almost sends you to sleep, rendering your mental capacity zero and your physical strength at its minimum. And in that condition you cannot think of anything except that you need to go back to your hotel and sleep. Three cups of coffee that I drank were not "on the agenda". I tend to be a coffeeholic at times, especially when I think that it will help me to "keep alert". It seems to have had the opposite effect at the Mayan Palace and there we were "ripe for the picking" in every sense of the word. I just recalled today the extreme shock that a person goes through when you realise that something in your behaviour caused you to fall prey to these people and then go along with everything that looked "so innocent" and yet was not. Having now become more informed about how the timeshare industry works I realise that you are practically a "guinea pig". In Spain and the Canary islands the use of this drug has been used to *** unsuspecting people who show up at "presentations" and end up not remembering signing a contract or anything about it the morning after the event! The only thing that is evidence of them having done so is when they see that there is something in their hotel room that they are legally bound by, a contract, and they cannot get out of it that easily. To know that your are in a drugged state you have to have some discernment and in that condition you have none, you are not yourself, as your mind "has been sedated" and your body as well, although I put it all down to "jet lag" initially, as we had travelled for ten hours the day before. But we did have a whole night's sleep and felt no heaviness when we awoke at all. The "strange feeling" came just after the breakfast when it was time to get out of one's chair and view the studio apartments. Obviously if you drink just one or two cups you might be less dizzy than I was, but after three cups a person is in trouble with that stuff.

The timeshare industry has been in business for a long time as we know and many are not even aware of what has been done to them at all. It is subtle but also very effective in achieving a "sleepy state of mind" that is indifferent to what is happening around themselves.

It is clearly a money spinner industry and the local authorities are clearly in need of cash. The tourist industry is a major source of income in those places and so "anything goes", quite literally.

The whole industry is built on greed. People complain of being told one thing during the presentation and much of that being left out in the contract itself. The apartments are hard to get, as we are told that they are rented out to "other companies" who hire them out. No wonder many say that they can never reserve their apartment for when THEY need it. The apartment is "oversubscribed" anyway. What a carry on! It should not be allowed to happen. It is possibly one of the biggest cons in the world of commerce today. Looking at it objectively no one benefits from it, not even the local community to any great degree as the "fat cat" owners are the only ones reaping the dividends out of it! They are selling something which is not tangible!!! It is all in the "future". The more I know about this industry the less I like what I see.....


And the self-reproach that a person can go through is not worth all the tea in China! WATCH BEFORE YOU LEAP! It is all based on timing. A person is not allowed to see it for what it is in that speed of lightening of presentation and "deal". The only ones who know what is happening are the ones running the racket themselves!!!The buyer is the last to know what he has in that black sack that they give you to take to your hotel!

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