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We and our friends went to a timeshare presentation in Cabo at the Grand Mayan. We loved but could not afford the property.

After passing through 4 different sales people, they kept us there, waiting for our "free gifts" for hours, listening to pitch after pitch.

They came up with a deal we couldn't refuse.

It turns out that the new deal didn't include anything about the Mayan, and in fact, we've paid for memebership in HSI, which we had no interest in.

We were told we could come to the Mayan on this program, and we've yet to figure out how to do this.

When we were signing the documents, every question we asked was answered in a way which lead us to believe that we were somehow part of the Mayan.

And after being trapped there for so long, it felt like we lost all our fight.

Monetary Loss: $5500.

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Dear Alameda,

We have been notified about your comment.

Even though we are a separate and independent company to HSI, we ask that you allow us to intervene by forwarding your information to them. In that way, the corresponding area will be able to provide you guidance that will help you make the most out of of your vacation package with them.

Please let them reach out to you and contact us at 1-800-292-9446. Once we obtain your information, they will be able to provide you personalized assistance.

Thanks in advance.


Karen Rose

Customer Support Representative.

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