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My wife and I exchanged RCI points for a trip to Grand Blizz in Nuevo Vallarta this past July. We get there and find the place is stunning and the service is top notch. The first day there, we commit to the 90 min. sales pitch in return for discounted local attractions. We spent almost 5 hours listening to their sales pitch. We were shown models of a room in the Grand Mayan, Blizz and Luxx. The majority of the presentation was focused on how these units are investments by renting our weeks through Global Golf Connections, to cover the cost of the timeshare. They insisted that you get your rental check quickly in 60-90 days, which is not true. We could use 25 breakaway weeks and 2 Vida weeks (discounted weeks) for our vacation. We were also told we were allowed to use all amenities on the entire resort. We bought into the idea….it sounded great.After 120 days we did not receive rental compensation so I contacted Globle Golf Connections and was given an excuse that my weeks will sale in June. I did some research and found out that there are numerous of complaints about Globle Golf Connections.Prior to my research I booked with HIS using my breakaway weeks, to vacation in Nuevo Vallarta. After booking and doing the research on Goble Golf Connections, I discovered the Grand Palace was not the same as the Grand Mayan, and we could only use the pools at the Mayan Palace and Sea Garden. Mayan Palace was never mentioned during the sales pitch. The contract we signed was labeled as Mayan Palace but because it was never mentioned we did not know there were two different buildings. The Vida Vacation Sales pitch was miss leading! Now I have reservations for my family and the children are not allowed to use the kids area pools. I called the Vida Vacations reservations and because I purchased a studio room in the Palace I can only upgrade to a studio room (I need a 2BR) in the Grand Mayan if I use my weeks that are contracted to be rented. I have booked a 2BR through HIS and because of their contract with the Mayan they can only book you at the resort you purchased.I would like to warn people about this.Bottom line…1. I purchased Mayan Palace, but was only show one Mayan model and did not know there were 2 different buildings. Misleading!!2. We cannot use all the facilities, only those that we will have to spend extra money at. We are not allowed to use the Grand Mayan (Child Friendly Pools) or Luxx Pools. Not what we were told!!3. We wasted ½ of a day of our vacation.4. We have not seen the rental income from Global Golf Connections, that the Vida Vacation Rep. insisted we would get.5. When all is paid, deposit, purchase price, first 5 years maintenance fees, remodel fees, etc… after 25 years for a studio we will have paid appx. $650 per year. And still have to pay a usage fee when using our weeks. In my opinion Not a good deal!6. Don't even go to any presentation as it's not worth your vacation time to listen to it and go through pressure from their sales rep. Everything sounds so good but not all information is given to you.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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I just want to begin with saying that my loving wife and I exchanged RCI points for a trip to Mayan Palace Riviera this past April. We get there and find the place is stunning and the service is top notch.

First day there we commit to the 1.5 hour sales pitch during what they call “buyers week”. Well, in the end it was 5 hours and a majority of the presentation was focused on how these units are investments and that they give you “flexibility” in an extra week to use as a rental. The rental income was presented at $1700 net income after maintenance fees were taken out. We bought into the idea….it sounded great.

Upon returning home I researched renting these units and found that they rent for far less than they stated repeatedly in the presentation. I have obtained training material that Mayan employees use explaining in detail how they leverage this with vacationers, then skim over the disclaimer sentence that is listed in the mounds of documents. This fraud has to stop. I would not have entered into this agreement if they had been truthful about this.

They describe the rental agencies as partners verbally and that you get your rental check quickly in 60-90 days, which is not true. They used scratch paper to show you the money you would make renting these units and how fast they would pay for themselves, which was untrue. There was no mention of any cancellation period during the presentation, so by the time we arrived home and called to cancel our agreement….we were told it was past the 5 days. I have called and talked with a number of people.

To date they have been unwilling to cancel and refund our credit card. A complaint has been filed with the Mexican Government, Profeco and FTC. If you go to any Mayan Palace timeshare resort, PLEASE do not get caught it the misleading sales pitch!!!

Just enjoy the resort.... This is an article on how most of the mayan palace timeshare scams are being committed:

Travelers Rest, South Carolina, United States #688162

My issue with the Mayan Resort has been resolved.


Dear Anonymous user,

Your comment has been brought to our attention.

We have confidence that together we can work-out an amicable resolution were you can make the most out of your membership with us and you can use it for the main purpose of our business which is providing vacations.

With that in mind, it is through hard work and dedication that we keep our members happy and we would like you to be a satisfied member as well.

Consequently, we look forward to continuing this dialogue once you contact us at or by telephone at 1-800-292-9446. The only way to assure that we get your message and follow-up is by reaching out to us directly.

We are devoted to provide the most spectacular vacations on the best beach locations available in Mexico and we hope you can give us the opportunity to reassure you of the great purchase you made.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to discussing this further with you.


Alín Ginés

Customer Support Representative.

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