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Recently spent a week in Nuevo Vallarta at another of our timeshares, Villa Del Palmar, Flamingos. Beautiful resort, friendly people, couldn't have been treated better. That's the good, now the bad...

Shopping in downtown PV a few nights before we left, a man working in a tequila store told us he also worked for Grupo Mayan and invited us to 'see' the resort. When we told him we already owned there (we purchased into the Bliss in 2009), he said that the resorts are looking to purchase back weeks and asked if we would be interested in selling. Well, since we haven't been able to use a single week since we bought...no Bliss units have been added since the single one in Riviera Maya, a place we've been many times...we wanted to see what they had to offer. The man wrote right on the reservation form, 'resale info only, no presentation' so we (foolishly) thought we were in the clear.

As soon as we get to the Grand Mayan, the runaround begins. The first person to meet us rewrites the reservation form on some trumped up excuse and...surprise!...leaves off the first guys notation. So they bring us into a room and start to groom us for the presentation. When we insist that we are only there to speak to someone about resale options, they act like they don't understand us. When we ask to speak with a manager, they say that the only manager (ha, ha, ha) just left. They insist there is no-one at the resort with any authority and rush us out the back door.

Now, I may be *** enough to buy a timeshare from crooks, but I'm not the kind of person who takes lying to my face well. We find our way through the maze that is the resorts entry and get to the reception desk where we tell our story to a very nice young lady who works at the resort itself, not the timeshare end. She seems truly puzzled about why we were told that there were no management people on-site and takes us upstairs to the room where the salespeople do their big presentations...the room is full of those little round tables we all know so well. Here we go...

After about a five minute wait, we are led to the office of a fellow who hands us a business card that states "owner relations" or something to that effect. Ah, we think, finally someone who cares about us! Wrong. After listening to him tell us the usual...'oh, we never buy units', 'oh, that guy doesn't work for us', 'oh, why would you want to give up your beautiful resort', we finally just walk out in disgust. Not quietly, though...I made sure to remark to each of the 'customers' in that big room that they shouldn't do business with these crooks. ^^^ threatened to have us escorted out by security...we told him to bring it on! Needless to say, this was just another empty 'promise' :-)

In any event, once again these creeps managed to steal a few hours of our vacation time with their lies and tricks. I feel sad that we are affiliated in any way with an organization that has no scruples and no honesty. I guess there are alot of people in this world who care more about the amount of money they can accrue than about being a good person. I take satisfaction in knowing that karma will get them all one day. No evil deed goes unpunished. Eventually, the universe will deliver them their due. And if anyone is interested in getting a class action going against these criminals, I'm up for it! And in the meantime, keep sharing your experiences in whatever way you can. The best we can do at this point is try to make sure the world knows to stay away from these guys. And at the risk of sounding a little paranoid, what are the chances that these places are actually connected with the Mexican drug cartels?

Just saying.

Monetary Loss: $23000.

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I have memberships at Villa del Palmar Flamingos (VDPF) and Vida Vacations (Grand Luxxe Residential Loft). I am pleased that you were satisfied with your accommodations and facilities at VDPF and concerned regarding your experiences at Vida Vacations.

The Bliss was a short-lived concept at Vidanta.

Shortly after sales began for the Bliss, the decision was made to offer the Grand Mayan and abandon the Bliss. As a result, as you stated only one building was ever constructed for the Bliss. I think it is understandable that Vidanta decided not to pursue the Bliss. However, I believe special offers should be made to Bliss owners, so they can vacation at the Grand Mayan at a significantly reduced rate.

The Bliss owners are NOT responsible for Vidanta's decision to abandon the project. Bliss owners were led to believe that the Bliss would be constructed in most, if not all Vidanta properties.

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