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This post is to warn others of the dishonest and illegitimate practices that the Grand Mayan sales representatives use to sucker you in to contracts. They will lie to your face to get your money.

We stayed at the Grand Mayan in Nuevo Vallarta. We had a very nice time. The resort was wonderful. On our second morning we attended the sales presentation. What was promised as a 90 minute presentation quickly ballooned to 5 hours. Little did I know that the 90 minute presentation was only the first lie we would be told.

After sitting through the initial sales attempt and declining a 200,000+ offer to become members of the new Grand Bliss, our salesman Ian called over another gentleman that he refered to as an inventory manager. Ian thought he just might have a good deal for us. Let's call him Duncan (I can't remember his name now). Duncan explained that some rooms had just come available because someone sold their contract. He offered us 1 Grand Mayan studio room for 10 years and 2 Grand Mayan studio rooms for 100 years. Along with 25 flex weeks to be use over the next 25 years (which I later found out was just an additional contract with Holiday Systems International, which has their own list of customer complaints). Duncan drew 3 boxes to represent the Grand Mayan studios and wrote 1000 in each. Then he said that "they" [referring to Duncan, Ian, and whomever they represent] would pay us $1000 per year for each room if we didn't use them. Duncan said we could give them to a reseller and they would pay they required maintenance fees and give us $1000 per room. I asked specifically if this was a guaranteed payment and Duncan and Ian both agreed it was. They specified that we could give these rooms to the reseller in November and we would receive our payment by February. This was repeatedly stated several times as we kept asking because we couldn't believe it. My wife and I even discussed that this was too good to be true. How right we were. I've since found that there is no such guarantee and Ian and Duncan deliberately lied to me to induce my purchase. Their lie was exactly what made the package "too good to be true."

After discussing with my wife and agreeing that this deal was too good to pass up since we would recoup the money paid for the contract through $1000 per room in just 5 years, we went through with the contract. Ian was visible disturbed when I was reviewing the contract. He was constantly turning pages and pointing to clauses to "help me understand the contract." Now I understand he was just trying to redirect my attention from certain clauses. We actually had two contract documents, one for the 10 year room and one for the 100 year rooms. He kept suggesting to just read the 100 year contract since they were basically the same. Reviewing both documents now I see that the 100 year contract doesn't contain all the same clauses, specifically missing the clause specifying the 5 day "cooling off" period. On our way out I asked Ian if we could get a copy of his notes (which he had quickly shuffled off the desk and into his briefcase once we agreed to sign). I said I specifically wanted the page with the boxes with 1000 in them where he guaranteed that income. Ian said he couldn't give use his notes because, and I quote, "if you [my wife and I] don't get paid for they rooms exactly like his notes state, you know in case you get more money since they price of these rooms keep going up, then you could sue us." HE ACTUALLY SAID THAT. Feeling thoroughly exhausted and still a little uneasy we left to enjoy the rest of our vacation.

Upon returning home from the Grand Mayan my wife and I did some research and discussed the purchase. I found numerous posts about deceitful sales practices and about others not getting paid the money for their rooms that they were "guaranteed." We decided that we were still uneasy about getting paid for the rooms and decided to rescind our contract under the 5 business day rescission period provided by Mexican Law. Of course Grand Mayan made no mention of this law during our time there, and as I mentioned even actively attempted to keep us from reading it. We submitted our request on the fifth business day. We received an email the next day stating someone would call us the next day to ensure we take the necessary steps required in order to cancel our contract. We got a call from a Grand Mayan representative 5 days later stating that since Grand Mayan considers Saturday a business day we were outside the 5 days and could not cancel the contract without forfeiting our down payment!

This whole process has been a scam! The Grand Mayan sales people are dishonest and their business practices are illegitimate. If you must go on the Grand Mayan sales presentation, do not agree to any Grand Mayan contracts! If you already signed a contract then rescind as soon as you can before Grand Mayan makes Sunday a business day!

I've filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They currently have 12 filed complaints and the BBB rates them an F. Here is the link to the Grupo Mayan page http://www.bbb.org/dallas/business-reviews/timeshare-companies/grupo-mayan-desarrollo-marina-vallarta-sade-cv-in-dallas-tx-90041342. If you have also had issues with illegitimate business practices by Grand Mayan then I suggest you file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and post your experience here to warn others.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Need email address.

Fell for this scam. Does any one have the email address for cancelling the contract.

I don't have it and need to act fast. It's in the contract if someone can find it for me.My email is dtcoletti@shaw.ca

Thanks a bunch

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #684047

We agree do not buy anything from groupo Mayan what they say and what they do are different

They have very nice resorts but they can change their policies at will so your investment is worthless in my view their corporate leaders should be in jail,


Owatonna, Minnesota, United States #618014

We have been going to PV for several years and everyone gets ripped off at the GM. Many owners have so much money they could care less as it is a nice resort or don't want to admit that they got dupped. Others like me hate the deceitfulness. We have also gone to other presentations and they offered to buy our GM for quite a bit of money. 70,000. I told the one we were offered 80 and he upped it immediately and offered 90,000. 20,000 more Too Good to be true. We had to buy into theirs and then they would sell GM for us. Read On...

The last two years I literally got up and walked out after almost 3 hrs of the GM BS. One year I put my phone stop watch out.

This year the GM guaranteed to sell our GM for 65,00 within 6-12 months. Hmm heard this at other presentations. I told the guy I would take 55,000 and he could have two years to sell it and to put it in writing. An instant profit for them of 10,000, But he declined. As they all do they guarantee to sell your but you have to buy the other first. Now you are the proud owner of Two timeshares permanently. They never sell yours.

They are rip off artists plain and simple.

They feed you breakfast.

They are very interested in your personal life.

They become your friend and state they will personally assist you for all your needs and complaints.

They make their sales pitch.

Then make you feel *** and guilty when you don't want to immediately spend 10s of thousands of dollars.

Believe me they are good at this.


Our experiences were the same as all the above. No luck in renting it out and Imperial Property Management has proven to be a scam as well.

Now we are trying to sell and see extremely high transfer fees and also a no transfer allowed except to heirs or family on the 100 year.

DOes anyone have a clear picture on this? Does this really mean that we can't sell what we have purchased?


We visited the Grand Mayan on June 26th to see the property on a timeshare presentation. The whole experience was very uncomfortable from the beginning....The salesperson whom told us time and time again, "I am not a salesperson" was rude, pushy and extremely demanding of our time, we were there for 5 hours and finally were released from what seemed like some kind of holding tank!

Once we said NO to two different men. They have you exit downstairs and have beautiful ladies trying to sell you the same concept only at a fraction of the price, odd but true. We met 3 ladies that hoped we would purchase the wonderful offer they proposed. Again, NO means NO in every language, right?

We were told they are registered with the Mexican Government several times we don't know what that means? There are so many other beautiful hotels and timeshares available in Cabo, NEVER visit GRAND MAYAN.


We just got back from Puerta Vallarta also, and had a similar experience. When the "Inventory" manager arrived to suddenly drop the price from $60k to $10k - I knew that was a plant... and that the real price never was $60k... however.. as the wrote down their $880 per week (not $1000 in our case... I guess prices are dropping) that they could give us were guaranteed... although again - very squirmish when it came to written guarantees on this. Also - When we asked if that's all there was for fees - our sales rep - repetitively said that's it. "We're not like RCI where we have a maintenance fee annually. There are no more fees." It wasnt until we got to the next guy (we were passed off to 9 total!) that we realized - oh - there was another fee. $799 per week every time we use the place. Shocking. My friend had already almost signed up already!... without knowing it cost another $800 to use it. Here's the catch: We only paid $450 for the week to stay there on our own!!! Really - what exactly is the $10,000 for? The right to use a hotel for more than you can otherwise stay there for? A little confusing - but yes - that actually was the bottom line.

Then - finally they said we could go. And they were nice enough to put us back in a vehicle to take us back to our hotel....but that's not where they took us. They took us to yet another place... where they said they'd get our gifts ready - but refused to do that until 3 more sales people took a crack at us. Each one who got the "no" - and then a "ok -"Let me get my boss to just sign off and you can go " - and a new guy would sit down - with a totally new scam. And then again.... each with the lie of being able to let us go - each with a new guy and new program. There were 4 in total -- but 9 different sales people. Are you kidding me? I heard so many out and out lies in a 4 hour sitting - that I felt sad for the people who do sign.... Because not until you say -"No" do you really start to see what you're dealing with.... And many of these sales people were Americans.... hmmmm....

When in Mexico.....

Good luck to those who attend - probably not worth the free "gift" in the end (although we did get 2 free massages & a few excursions) - but stand your ground and prepare to lose an entire vacation day!


They told my husband and I the same thing. They would buy ours and rent it out for us bc they couldn't rent the units out bc of some Mexican law.

We didn't buy bc we like ours in fl and can go there anytime and use the amenities bc we are owners.

We enjoy our timeshare and it's really sad how certain sales people tell you anything. We go to all the updates bc we learn new things everytime and catch them in their own lies!!!


This is to warn everyone about the disceptive practises going on at Mayan Resorts. Our experience was strikingly similar to George Gi who posted above.

We went to Puerta Vallarta last summer. When we got off the plane we were approached by a gentlemen who said he would give us a ride to our resort. There were people everywhere shouting and trying to get everyone to talk to them. We made the mistake of listening.

They promised us free travel to our resort and discounted & free tickets to various activities if we would listen to their presentation. So we accepted. When we went to the presentation we were introduced to our salesman Sean Bork. He was a very pleasant guy to work with.

However he lied through his teeth to us. He told us that if we purchased the timeshare, we would have 4 weeks to use. We could sell any weeks we didn't use back to the company for $1000 per week. We could use that money to pay for the rest of our vacation and flight.

So we agreed to purchase. We were there all day for the process. Recently I called to see what I needed to do to sell the unused weeks back and that was when I was told that's not how it really works. You have to find another company(they give you a list of them that charge about $500) to TRY to sell your weeks.

You have to pay the $500 up front and there is no guarantees they will rent it. I'm sure these companies are about as trustworthy as Grupo Mayan. So I am not about to waste another $500 to gamble on it. Our salesman completely lied to us.

We would never have bought the time share if he had been honest with us. I don't know how these people sleep at night. I called and talked to Grupo Mayan and of course they said there is nothing they can do.

So I'm going to make it my mission to make sure I can tell as many people as possible to stay far far away from this place. They will say ANYTHING to get you to buy from them.


:( We have just returned from Nuevo Vallarta and the HIGH pressure sales pitch. I have I purchased one week ago and tried to contact thee sales representative yesterday regarding rescinding this agreement.

I beleived this to be within the 5 business day period. I have not heard from the sales representative YET. We were EVER agreed to this program. I believe that everyone including the sales manager Ian totally MISREPRESENTED the able to resale our existing timeshare and the value that it carries.

DO NOT GO to see this program.

They claim a 68% closing percentage. I beleive based on the bald face lies and willingness to say anything to get you to sign will lead to this HIGH closing average.


There are tons of beautiful resorts with nice staff elsewhere, and you can stay anywhere, right? You should stay anywhere else. We will never stay at the Grand Lyin' again and will post our negative comments on the internet wherever possible. It's a shame this gorgeous, contemporary, lushly landscaped resort fails so miserably.

Reservation/concierge methods are unprofessional and deceptive. It is completely dishonest to let prospective patrons feel that there is any chance whatsoever of attaining an Ocean Front Unit at the resort when the units are completely filled with Timeshare Owners. As Ocean Front Timeshare Owners in Maui, HI, we should have a comparable unit at the resort with our trade. We also deserve to have this confirmation made to us BEFORE we make a reservation at the resort so that we might book elsewhere when our requests can't be met.

The Mayan Resorts make it seem as if such units may be available, "depending on the inventory," when there never was the remotest possibility that there would indeed be any Ocean Front Units available at all. Even some owners there could not get an Ocean View. This is the second time this has happened to us when reserving with the Grand Mayan and we won't be giving them a third chance to ruin our week of vacation.

We were frustrated and humiliated at check -in while we were bounced as if in a pinball machine between the reservation staff and the timeshare staff, as we were trying to find a supervisor who could help us. Each claimed the other had all the power. All we were offered was a plastic bottle of water and an invitation to the timeshare presentation breakfast.

Have you ever seen the Coen Bros. film "Fargo?" Remember the scene when used car salesman Jerry Lundegaard pretends to go back to his manager when frustrated car buyers are given a Trucoat rust preventer they never ordered? Our check-in staff member went into some sort of similar act, pretending to go backstage somewhere to check on cancellations when he knew there was not a chance we could get the unit we wanted -- at any time during our week. We even offered to take a smaller unit for a chance of an Ocean Front unit. We did everything we could do to confirm an Ocean Front unit before, during, and after our arrival, short of the monetary bribe that some guests felt forced to offer. Before departure, we emailed the resort's concierges and were never told that all the Ocean Front Units were booked by owners so that we might be able to exchange elsewhere.

This is deceptive and dishonest and is why we would seriously recommend others simply spend their money at any other beautiful resort which can actually confirm an Ocean Front unit when reservations are made.

Moreover, daily noise from loud lawn equipment and pounding jackhammers, plus the terrible views of a parking structure and street did not allow us to enjoy our balcony unit or our plunge pool, so these features are not really applicable if you cannot use them. There was never any sun and needless to say, sunset, available from our unit. The "Marina View" in the "New Building" eventually offered to us at check -in offered no view of a Marina whatsoever. Only the bobbing tops of sailboats appeared in the distance. It all would have been funny if it weren't so humiliating, frustrating, annoying and deceptive.

This is a very noisy resort. The Lazy River and the wave pools need big machines to run them, and they make a lot of noise all day, including a siren that sounds remarkably like our tornado warnings here in the midwest. The activity pool has a DJ with a loudspeaker that you can hear all over the resort. I love some great music and fun activities, don't get me wrong, but only when I want them. Not all day long. The only quiet is on the beach.

Fellow Americans will reserve pool chaises with their towels the night before. That was a new one for us. Also, the resort provides a shuttle to the Grand Mayan from all the other Mayan properties. This means the pool decks will be crowded and you will find yourself wandering the pools trying to find an empty chaise or chair.

Pack plenty of prozac. We were frustrated and upset the entire week of our stay. I spent every night in sleepless frustration with no help or apology from any manager or supervisor. Even when we complained when insincere timeshare calls asking if we were enjoying our vacation were ignored, no remedy or apology was offered. We remain extremely angry, frustrated and humiliated from our experience.

This is a plastic, soulless, cliche of a mega-resort. Really too bad, because it is gorgeous. The following week we stayed 750 yards down the beach at a smaller, Mexican-run resort, The Villa Varadero, which we enjoyed so much more. It felt real, with real hospitality, Mexican guests, the serenity of lying on the beach with just the waves crashing and low music wafting over from the bar area. It wasn't perfect, by any means. BUT: our unit had floor to ceiling windows right on the bay which you could slide open to see frolicking dolphins, breaching whales, glorious sunsets. While it had none of the luxury of the Grand Mayan, our best memories will be of this resort and its lovely staff, NOT of the Grand Lyin'. My advice is to ask yourself what you really want from a trip to Mexico.


We are truly committed to customer satisfaction. Our members and our guests are our highest priority and we work hard day and night to make sure your vacations in Mexico are amazing each and every time.

For that reason, we urge you to contact us at grupomayanblog@grupovidanta.com or by telephone at: 1-800-292-9446. Give us the opportunity to assist you properly and allow us to help you make the most out of the benefits acquired with your membership with us.

We take every case very seriously and we will not rest until we have exhausted every reasonable means available to us to deliver the satisfaction we promise.

We hope to hear from you soon.


Karen Rose

Customer Support Representative.


My mom just called from Mexico very excited about a timeshare that she had just purchased at one of the presentations. I'm horrified - everything she told me is 'classic' according to all the stories on here.

She owns an RCI timeshare that they are supposedly buying from her so that 3 studio rooms for 2 weeks will cost her $8000. 2 of these she will have for 100 years and the 3rd she will have for 10 years. They have taken a deposit of $3000 on her credit card. Promised 50% off gulf - use of all the Mayan properties, and 20% off airfare with another company.

I have told her to cancel RIGHT AWAY !! She has contacted the person who sold this to her and they are supposedly going to have the manager talk to her tomorrow. I have told her she has 5 days.

Any tips to make this go smoothly for my mom?


We just returned from a presentation-- Timeshare with Grand Mayan after an all day presentation from 9:00 a.m. to 7:30p.m.

They would not take the answer "NO" the pressure from one person to another.

Their first offer was 52K and they would purchase our timeshare that was paid in full.They determined our equity was 11K. By the time everything was finished. Chris (manager) was willing to let us keep our timeshare and they would paid for out maint. fee, plus they would take a lose on the amount of 11K off our contract.

This was hard to believe.

Chris began drawing boxes informing us "WE" could make $2,600 per unit wtih GOLF". Offer with Grand Mayan 1-Master room & 1-studio for 10 years and 2- Master& 1 studio Grand Mayan studio rooms for 100 years. Along with 25 flex weeks to be use over the next 25 years (which will be costing anywhere from $99.00 to $1,000.00 per week) This is so much more than maint. fee's. Plus you have to deal with Holiday System International and another rental service broker. Sure they provided a list of VACATION OWNERSHIP RENTAL & RESALES COMPANIES.

Another item that was not on our contract the GOLF pkg with out units. Once again they did not fullied their promise.

Thank you for your comment. We sometime learn the hard way. I was invited to a presentation with no interest of buying but got caught into their scam . My down payment was charged on a credit card. I will be disputing all charges.

Honestly, this is a scam . TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.


we had a similar experience with Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta as you, although we spent 7 hours on our "90 minute presentation" hearing the same lies as you all. We did fine the sales people friendly but that would change upon our return to recinde our contract.

We own a couple of timeshares and one of the reasons we bought was because Grand Mayan Groupo was willing to take one our timeshares as a trade. Once back to our room we started our research (hint: if your going to attend a presentation do your research before hand) We realized what they had told us were well frabicated non-truths including the one where they said they were members of Interval International, they are not! We returned within the five day grace period and advised them we would like to recinde our contract, this is where the personnel of the Grand Mayan Resort become ugly. We went through another 4 hours and 3 more representative of which one of them was Ian, each one trying to stop us from canceling our contract.


we received our two forms that indicated our contract was canceled.(these two forms could have been typed out within 15 mins) This only happend last week, so we hope that our contract was truly canceled, if not we will post some more. By the way their last offer was approximately 90% less money than what they first presented.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #174587

In June 2010, Grand Mayan contacted me to resolve the issues that I had with our purchase of a time share with them. We have come to a resolution that benifits both parties and I do not have any more issues with them.


My issue with Grupo Mayan has been satisfactorily resolved.



We are in the same process as you. What wording did you use and what CC?


I guess not everyone knows that timeshares are not for just any consumer. If you do not have the money to pay for it and keep up with it, obviously you will not like them.

And just one note, the Grand Mayan Riviera Maya is on the beach...not across the street. Who knows where "kaserrn" went.

Anyway, if you are not going to buy, just dont go to the presentations. You avoid wasting your time and theirs.


We just returned home from Rivera Maya - we actually rented a 2br/2bath condo in Akumal (about 65miles south of Cancun) - a lovely and quiet destination - Wonderful vacation!! Our mistake was heading to the Grand Mayan Palace in Riviera Maya for their 90 minute presentation (that time was also to include a buffet meal) -

Well after eating and touring their upper end condo's - then the sales pitch started -

The first girl starts with a price of 54k - and draws all these boxes and tells you how wonderful this opportunity is -

Next comes the 2nd guy - who claims the couple around the corner at the next table bought their property about 7 years back and is now "upgrading" - so they paid 28k - so they can now give us a "DEAL" - they can split the studio and the 1br - we can now purchase both for 28k or take the studo for 12k -

But you can't use your weeks for 2010 or 2011!!! And then when you go to a property in 2012 you will pay only the maintinence fee!!!! Yeah - theres a bargain - I give you 12k upfront and pay you $500-700 /wk vacation in 2012 when I go someplace - Not sure where that is a bargain for the consumer!!!!

Basically this is high pressured sales - finally after 2.5hr. - I kindly indicated that we had fulled our 90 minute alloted time - and we did not want to purchase - we wanted to go on with our family vacation -

Now comes the surveyer - who thens offers some bogus deal for 3k -

So let's revisit - we started for 54k and now we are down to 3k!!!! We kindly told him NO and now comes 4 person - NO!No!NO! - She practically shoved us out the door - and did not want to give us information on where to get our tickets for Xcaret for the $30 off a ticket!!!! Totally not worth the $120 we saved for the 4 tickets!!!!!

Again they compare apples to oranges - they take what you are spending on your entire vacation and try to rationalize their cost - and pretend the consumer will save -

No you do not - you are giving them $ so they can build properties and continue to rip consumers off

Also note - they are definitely beautiful properties - however:

1 - Not family friendly - I can just image that you will be placed in the studio furtherst from the pool or beach ( that means about a 20minute walk to the pool or beach- if you have young kids - that is NOT family friendly!!!!)

2 - If I head on a vacation where you can enjoy the ocean - I don't give a HOOT if you have the worlds largest POOL - I really don't care - because I am near an ocean - so a regular size, nice pool will do - but of course the Grand Mayan Palace is across the street from the beach - with one area to enter the beach and the rest is fenced off - that to me is not a great beach vacation!!!!

Lesson learned - pay the extra $120 or whatever the amt. is that you go and see in Mexico and FOREGO the grupo grand mayan scam!!!!!

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #145646

They did the same thing to me at the Grand Mayan Riveria. They are a rip-off.

I sent a letter to RCI Vacations and asked them if they were aware of all the fraud going on with this resort.

Waiting to here from them soon. Keep up the pressure...

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