My husband and I were ALSO duped by Grupo Mayan when we attended a presentation at the Grand Mayan Riviera Maya in 2009. We were hosted by lovely young woman by the name of Briar Lowewen.

The Grand Mayan is indeed a lovely resort and we were taken by the view and by the sale representation. What started out as a complimentary breakfast and presentation of 90 minutes turned into 4-6 hours. We declined the offer to buy because we already had 2 weeks with RCI in florida (paid off) and we didn't have the finances or want to purchase another. Catching us by the tale regarding maintenance for our FL timeshares, they said well, what we can do is give you credit for your properties in Florida and instead of paying 40K for the Mayan, you'll only pay 20,000, through our Equity Exchange Program, and they would recommend a Resale company to assist with our sale of the Florida timeshare which was (Alliance Integrating Marketing Systems).

And we were also told that owning with Mayan would allow for a higher exchange system through RCI, with added benefits to booked through Fours Seasons, Ritz. etc etc. We were sucked into it thinking that we had a better program, than our current one with Wyndham, because we were offered no maintance fee unless we exchanged or booked. We were also told that if we didn't come back we could forgo our week and get paid at least $1300 dollars for our week through bookings from other individuals through HSI.

None of these things panned out. Alliance Integrated Marketing Systems has not sold our weeks in Florida. They emailed the first 3 mths with updates but I haven't heard from them since. I've called them and was told that there was a potential buyer but it was too low for them to sell.

So now, my husband and I still have our Florida Weeks, which we still pay maintenance fees on, we do NOT use the Mayan week because we don't want to pay $700 dollars and we also paid Alliance Integrated Marketing Systems $349 dollars upfront "lifetime fee". We were *** and naive but Grupo Mayan representative were not honest or upfront about any of the sales pitches.

I'm writing this so that no one else gets duped or scammed.

Note: We are still paying off the $20,000 and now stuck with a timeshare company that's dishonest.

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This matter has been satisfactory resolved between us and Grupo Mayan. Thank you too their customer service department.


Dear Anonymous Blogger and Summerfun,

Your comments have been brought to our attention. By having direct contact with us, we will be able to clarify your specific concerns.

It is significant to note that as stated in our membership agreement, the company makes no representations regarding the market for vacation ownership rentals or resale, nor recommends buying this product for rentals or investment. Those transactions are completely independent from us, and this is always specified in our contracts.

So forth, allow us to continue this dialogue by emailing us at grupomayanblog@grupovidanta.com or calling us at 1-800-292-9446. We would very much like to know who you are to provide you personalized assistance.

Our goal is to provide you the most spectacular vacations at the best resorts in Latin America. We encourage you to give us the opportunity to help youmake the most out of the benefits acquired with your memberships.

Thank you for your time.


Alín Gines

Customer Support Representative.


We went through the same thing and We feel it is our obligation to make people aware of the lies and scams!

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