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Us, a couple of level headed educated US senior citizens of East Indian origin were badly taken advantage off by deceptive sales techniques of this Mexican Time Share. We knew how time shares worked, we already own one week of vacation in a CA time share we have enjoyed for the last 10 years, but the tactics used by Grupo Mayan was something totally different.

The terms and conditions on the papers we signed were not followed through and now have changed retroactively. This was on Sept. 2, 2008 and until today, they have not responded to our written letters and emails. We have not used their services, any of their time share vacations or have taken a rental from them. We have asked for a complete refund of our money, because we refuse to accept their questionable business practices lacking transparency to the buyer resulting in an unacceptable transaction. So far, they have not responded to us, except calling us and instead tried to portray that we have misunderstood the transaction.

This extremely powerful Mexican complex of several resorts and its branches in the USA should be investigated by a committee at the federal level of the US Govt., such as, perhaps "The Foreign Relations Committee" or one of its sub-committees for fraudulent business practices that is draining financial resources from unsuspecting innocent US citizens. We have lodged a complaint via Internet to the US based BBB.

We are retired educators, researchers with families, do not have enough savings that we can tolerate this humiliating deception and be forced to face with credit card loans with high interests.

We would like to draw attention from seniors who love to travel like we do, please do not fall for this illusions of the Mayan Palace or Grupo Mayan or Mayan Palace Regency and many other Mayan organizations who are turning "love of travel" for average ordinary citizens into nightmares.

Sincerely, Sailes K. & Sumedha Sengupta

Livermore, CA, USA

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My issue with Grupo Mayan has been satisfactorily resolved.


We were told the same lies as zimscammed by the same person at around the same time, but they also lied saying that they would soon build a resort in hawaii,florida and las vegas, but now when I asked about these resorts they said that they never planned to build those. they are scammers please help me get some money back

Dunswell, England, United Kingdom #77838

We have reached a resolution to our satisfaction. Like to request that the posting from 01-24-09 and all subsequent postings be removed from this wen site.

Dunswell, England, United Kingdom #77051

For the last few weeks we have tried to remove our posting. We have tried ourselves, we tried through an expert internet company, we wrote vis FedEx to this website's 'media relations' which was available from Google because it is listed with their search engine.

But we have no success in removing the posting. So, an opportunity for a 'satisfactory resolution' with the Mayan group is not possible anymore, because such a resolution was conditional on the removal of the posting. In fact Mayan had cited two other postings claiming those were posted by us. However, that was a false claim.

We have only this posting and those two postings were by other people. Mayan did not even verify the details before accusing us. Those postings were by some other people about another resort in another country and at another time.

So, that is that. End of another 'Strange Story".

No refund, No satisfactory resolution for us. We are trying to sell it.

But who knows if we can. Any suggestion is welcome.


I wish to retract my previous posting. My complaint has been satisfactorily resolved.

Dunswell, England, United Kingdom #69913


We are in a legal dialogue with this resort and may have to remove our posting we have on this site. Please contact us at your earliest. Thank you.

Sailes k. & Sumedha Sengupta

Livermore, CA


My husband and I too were deceived by Mr. Underdahl.

He gave us nothing but lies regarding our timeshare we purchased. The most discgusting aspect about the whole ordeal was that Mr. Underdahl is originally from the same city (Maple Ridge, BC, Canada) that we live in. Our fellow Canadian lied and cheated us out of our money.

I would not trust anything he has to offer you.

We too were told that we misunderstood the transaction. It's funny how we're not the only people who were "confused about the transaction."


I wish to retract my previous posting. My complaint has been satisfactorily resolved.


My wife and I were also scammed by this group a while back. We were fortunate enough to learn of a law firm that deals with these companies and gets results.

Contact and Cindy will help you. This is NOT a scam and we don't work for these folks. They helped us out of our contract and got our dep money back. As long as you have a legitimate claim, they can and will help you.

They are so nice to deal with and got back to us right away. Settled our claim within a couple of months also. AND they deal through pay pal so you are not sending a personal check to some unknown location.

Do yourself a favor and contact them....then pass this along to others who have been wronged. Let's stop these deceiving practices now!


I am yet another victim of the timeshare scam perpetrated by Mayan Group/Grupo Mayan and The Grand Mayan Vacation Club at their Grand Mayan and Mayan Palace resorts. From my perspective, the timeshare sales program at these resorts is nothing more than a criminal enterprise designed to separate foreign tourists from their money. There is nothing these people won’t do in order to make the sale. Then, they are trained to give you the run-around and offer you crumbs when you approach them about their unethical sales practices. And, unfortunately, there is little recourse against these unscrupulous people, since U.S. law is of no help, the credit card companies side with the fee-generating business, and the Mexican consumer protection agency has no teeth to impose a resolution.

My story is a familiar one. In December, 2008, I was traveling with my extended family in Mexico and agreed to attend the sales presentation at the Grand Mayan resort in Cabo San Lucas. At the conclusion of the presentation, I stated to the Grupo Mayan sales representative, Alex Lehan that I was not interested in purchasing a Grupo Mayan timeshare because they were for properties located only in Mexico and because they were expressly unavailable during school vacation periods. I mentioned that the only interest I had was to travel together with my extended family, during school vacations, to high-end properties around the world, not just in Mexico.

At that point, Brent Underdahl, another representative of Mayan Resorts/Grupo Mayan, joined us. I again repeated the reasons why I had no interest in purchasing a Mayan Group timeshare. Mr. Underdahl explained that even though the Mayan timeshares being offered were not available during school vacation periods, they could be “exchanged” for very high-end properties located throughout the world that would be available during school vacation periods. He bragged that the Mayan Group was associated with the best exchange companies who were connected to the finest properties in the world. He asked me if I was familiar with and would be satisfied exchanging Mayan Group timeshares for properties known as the “Residences” that are affiliated with the Four Seasons, the Ritz Carlton and the St. Regis Hotel chains. I am familiar with and am satisfied with the quality of the Residences affiliated with the Four Seasons and Ritz Hotel chains, having been solicited to purchase them in the past.

Mr. Underdahl repeatedly assured me that the Mayan timeshares that were unavailable during school vacation periods could be readily exchanged for Four Seasons, Ritz or St. Regis Residences, on a one-to-one basis (a two bedroom Mayan suite for a two bedroom suite at Four Season, Ritz or St. Regis Residences), at any time throughout the year, including during school vacation periods. He also told me that each Mayan Group timeshare could also be sold each year for a “guaranteed” $2500.

Unfortunately, it was not possible for me to check the truthfulness of Mr. Underdahl’s statements while I was in Mexico because information about the exchange programs, I was told, would not be available until after I registered as a Mayan timeshare owner. Mr. Underdahl stated that we would have to wait to exchange our Grupo Mayan timeshares for a Four Seasons or Ritz Residence timeshare for the Christmas 2009 school vacation period until we were enrolled in the HSI and Registry Collection exchange programs, which could take up to 45 days.

When I returned to the United States and received some of the exchange program materials, I attempted to exchange the Grupo Mayan timeshares for timeshares known as Four Seasons or Ritz Residences. It was then that we discovered that no such exchange opportunity existed and that Mr. Underdahl had lied to us.

These statements of Mr. Underdahl, which led to my decision to purchase, were not true. There is, in fact, neither an ability to exchange the Mayan Group timeshares for accommodations at the Four Seasons, Ritz or St. Regis Residences, on a one-to-one basis throughout the year, including during school vacation periods, nor is there any guarantee that the Mayan Group timeshares can be sold each year for a “guaranteed” $2500. Mr. Underdahl deliberately lied to me to induce me to purchase Mayan timeshares, knowing that I had no interest in making the purchase unless I could rely on the truth of his representations.

I have tried to engage the Grupo Mayan company in a dialogue about my experience and unhappiness. They have made a few half-hearted offers that only compound my unhappiness with their business practices. Grupo Mayan obviously believes that making the “sale” is more important than resolving bona fide disputes with customers. They have no interest in amicable resolution of disputes. It is sad that I am forced to engage in an information campaign to share my horrible experience with others in an effort to discourage others from falling victim to this scam. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. They cannot be trusted.

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